With Bus Rental in Paris Make your Holiday More Comfortable

Bus Rental

Bus Rental– Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world, with 30 million foreign visitors per year. What should you do and see while in this romantic city?

Paris is the most romantic city in the world, there are a number of landmarks with various attractions, famous institutions, and also its popular parks, attracting people like a big magnet.

For travelers who want to visit several places in London, we recommend that you have to rental bus in Paris so that your vacation is fun and conducive.

you can travel anywhere in Paris and France by chartering a bus with a driver, visiting the most beautiful places, to museums, or exploring beautiful places outside the city according to your schedule.

Many online sites provide rentals with various vehicles such as cars and buses, if you are on vacation with a large family it will be very suitable if you rent a bus to go to several destinations.

However, if you want to rent a bus, you must follow the conditions that apply. Actually, the bus rental in Paris is easy. Generally, the main requirements are your valid SIM and credit card. After finding a suitable rental car, understand the applicable policies so that you can prepare everything before the time of collection.

Here are 5 places that you must visit when traveling to Paris:

Eiffel Tower

Built-in 1889, the structure is 325m high and the antenna is 24 meters long. The first and second levels are accessible by stairs and lifts. When exiting the elevator on the third level there are 15 steps up to the top observation platform. Most of the stairs going up provide a direct view down or around the tower.

Arch de Triomphe

The Arch de Triomphe de l’√Čtoile was built in 1806 as a sign of Napoleon’s victory against Asutria. The largest arch in the world, measuring 45 x 22 x 50 meters, is decorated with many reliefs and statues depicting Napoleonic wars.

Place de la Concorde

A large square in the middle between the Tuileries Garden and the Champ Elysees. Place de la Concorde is the main and widest square in Paris. This square has a long history, from the name changing to the ‘attractions’ held here.

Initially, this square was built by Jacques Gabriel in 1755 with an octagonal or octagonal shape. In the center was erected a Statue of King Louise XV in his honor when he ascended the throne, but later this statue was torn down during the French revolution in 1792 and was replaced with a new statue called Liberte (victory), and the square was renamed La Revolution.

This square was later changed again to the Place de Greve or the cemetery square, because here a Guillotine was placed in 1793, in a matter of 2 years, this ax beheaded more than 1300 living, living humans, and one of them is King Louis XVI on January 21, 1793. After 1979, the ax was removed from the square, and the square was renamed Place de la Concorde from 1830 to this day.

Louvre Museum

Musee du Louvre is the largest museum in the world and has the most complete collection from around the world. Opened in 1793, there are now 35,000 works of art on display. Louvre Pyramid is a large glass and iron pyramid, surrounded by three small pyramids, completed in 1989.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre dame is a very famous catholic church in Paris. It was built in 1163 at the initiative of the bishop Maurice de Sully. As you climb the 387 steps to the church tower, you can clearly see the old bells, as well as gargoyles.

Notre dame has two entrances in the ‘hand of the cross’ section. The doors and frames also have many ornaments that tell of Mary the mother of Jesus, and Jesus. While in this church, also take the time to visit the basement or basement. Here you are like being in a museum. This room, which was built in 1965, holds archaeological scripts.

But Wait ! Don’t forget there are some things to consider if you want to rent a bus in Paris. Because in the current holiday season, many tourists choose to rent a tour bus as a means of accommodation for their trip. Tourists choose buses because this transportation provides a more affordable price to accommodate a large number of passengers. When you decide to rent a bus, you will also get entertainment facilities so that the trip will not feel boring.

Here are some things you should pay attention to, namely:

1. Reservation

You can make reservations or reservations by calling by phone or coming directly to the bus rental office. Inform the date of use, length of rental, and required capacity so that the service provider can provide recommendations of available buses. If your travel plans are made during the holiday season, it’s a good idea to make reservations well in advance of the departure date.

2. Bus type

Buses have various types, such as luxury or standard buses. The available capacities also vary. Usually buses have capacities for 28 – 30, 31-33, 37-39, 42 – 59, etc. Therefore, before deciding to rent a bus, you must determine the number of passengers who are in the tour group. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the type of bus and the capacity will affect the price offered.

3. Facilities

In addition to the type of bus, you also have to ask the facilities that are obtained by the tenant. The price offered usually includes petrol and driver fees but does not include toll fees and parking. Also ask other facilities that you can, whether there are entertainment or security facilities that they provide.

4. Payment

After you have decided on the type of bus, the date and duration of the rental, and the number of passengers, it is time for you to make the payment. Most bus rental service providers will offer a maximum down payment after 3 days of booking. Ask how much DP must be paid because each bus rental company has a different policy. For repayment, you can complete it before the departure date.

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