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Working within the marketing team, Karim will be providing creative support to promote Captec’s range of services and capabilities across a wide range of… This online event takes place on Thursday, 27th January 2022 at 3.30pm-6.30pm BST on Zoom. A livestream will be provided for those who were not able to complete the registration. We are passionate about making IT available to everyone and bridging the digital divide. “I hate to break it to him but computers have already won the Pulitzer Prize. A half dozen of them, starting in 1989.”

This is clearly a turning point for media and all eyes will be on how both publishers and platforms respond to this crisis of credibility. But part of the analysis also reminded us of the structural and economic saliraganar.com backdrop; how hollowed out journalism has become, particularly outside metropolitan centres. A raft of initiatives over so called ‘fake news’ from both publishers and platforms fail to restore public trust.

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A new Twitter bot, Smile Vector, shows how artificial intelligence could open up a new world of image, audio, and video fakery. It scrapes the web for pictures of celebrities and changes their expressions using a deep-learning-powered neural network. Has created a VR studio, with a cross functional team including journalists, designers, a project manager and a commercial lead.

  • In sharp contrast, we saw intense soul-searching by traditional media over how they could have become so out of touch and how they missed/misjudged these stories – with trust amongst old and young falling to historic lows .
  • Job titles included Editor in Chief, CEO, Head of Digital, Chief Product Officer, Director of Video etc.
  • Emily Bell wrote about the Narrative Science and Forbes partnership on the Guardian’s Media Blog last year, and asks whether robot reporting is “an apocalypse for the news industry”.

With more than 200 car models integrating with either Apple Car Play or Android Auto in 2017. These services support hands free messaging and integrated maps, alongside familiar app-like ways of discovering a wealth of audio content. The big mobile players are set to replace the manufacturer branded in car entertainment systems. For the first time, the four biggest messaging apps outstrip active users of the top social networks . Around 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month and between Messenger and WhatsApp, 60 billion messages are processed daily. Related to the above most publishers are thinking about how to convert anonymous web users into loyal customers.

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We regularly give talks to educate the wider public on the social and environmental benefits of reusing IT equipment. “We try to track every homicide that happens in Los Angeles county, have a post for every person,” Welsh explains in the presentation. “We don’t have enough resources to do a lot of reporting on all of that but a certain amount of information based on the coroner’s data can be automated.” Film and Television Production students visit leading studio A group of students went to the ARRI LED volume studio in Uxbridge to hear from industry leading experts on filming and lighting a mixed reality setting.

In the UK, this year will see the roll out of Project Dovetail which will blend traditional panel based measurement with new analytics tags from the main broadcasters. Eventually this will provide a comprehensive picture of how content is viewed by different demographics across devices. Has expanded its films unit to focus on non-finance subjects like travel, social affairs, tech, and culture. What all these examples have in common is that the feature-based subjects make them more suitable for sponsorship and native advertising than traditional news. Over the last few years we’ve witnessed an explosion of online video, driven by high quality smartphone cameras, better connectivity, cheaper cloud-based storage and new tools for creating and editing videos on the go.

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Examples include the UK University Diversity in eSports Conference 2020 hosted by Women in Games. We are passionate about gender balance in science and technology, which is why we are official members of WISE. We have teamed up with market-leading rugged tablet manufacturers to provide 360-degree in-vehicle solutions. The specialist tablets from Dell, Getac, Panasonic and Samsung are designed to accommodate the needs of demanding applications in industries including… Designing high-performance industrial rack computers or servers has its challenges.

In one recent example, social media was used to fuel the use of ivermectin, as a Covid-19 treatment. “It’s important to better assess how social media is evolving,” he says, in order understand how it might be possible to reconfigure it. “While the identification of problems may vary, it’s hard to find anyone defending the current environment of social media,” says BKCIS co-founder Jonathan Zittrain. Our MSc is also an ideal entry point for PhD research in the field of digital media.

Bell describes how Narrative Science “turns data into stories of a type which will not be winning many Pulitzers”. The Los Angeles Times is not the only news outlet to publish stories written by robots. “Part of that is automated and part of that is human,” Welsh told Journalism.co.uk, with a real reporter then expanding on the first line. Another source of data Los Angeles Times reporters receive is a daily email with a csv attachment detailing the arrests made by the famous LAPD the previous day. “Ken wrote the algorithm that sits on top of earthquake notifications,” Schwencke’s colleague Ben Welsh, a database producer at the Los Angeles Times, told Journalism.co.uk. “The structured data comes in and Ken has an algorithm that says if the earthquake is close to California and over a certain magnitude it is ‘news’.

The Coronavirus crisis in particular has led to an avalanche of misinformation, ranging from the ‘danger’ of thermometer guns to rumours that vaccines are adulterated with pork. One of the problems for Wikipedia is finding a balance between accuracy and access. If passing through a hierarchy of editors and administrators, it sacrifices true access. Another challenge for Wikipedia is to stay clear of advertising, in the face of its continual demand for bandwidth. Avid users of Wikipedia may not be concerned about behind-the-scenes wrangling over access or advertising, as long as they get the information they need.