The Twitter app and all its benefits, It’s a way for new users

Twitter app

Twitter app – Facebook may be considered the largest social network today. But that doesn’t mean that other social media sites aren’t growing, one of which is Twitter. Internet users feel they have to take advantage of this 140-character site.

According to social media observer Jeff Bullas, the use of Twitter is not just a medium for free chirping. But it can also be used for the benefit of raising personal or corporate prestige.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use Twitter:


On Twitter app, you can find many communities that can share information in real-time. Starting from talking about technology, sports, health, love, and much more.

If you are from the company side, you can also build a community related to the products you are involved in via Twitter.

Drive Traffic to Blogs/Sites

Twitter can also be optimized as a fishing tool. If you have a blog or personal/company site, you can use Twitter app as a medium to attract visitors.

It’s easy, just post interesting things that provoke the curiosity of many people. After that, if you want more detailed information, provide a link for your followers to access. Of course, the link leads to the blog or site in question.

Real-Time Information

Information spreads very quickly on Twitter. The chirps that passed were reflected soon back by the tweeps. This phenomenon makes Twitter a medium to provide updated information in real-time.

A simple example is supposed there is an accident on an inner city toll road. Toll road users who have a Twitter account will usually share their thoughts or really want to share info on this microblogging site.

Because this is important information, especially for Jakarta residents, it will spread quickly. The famous word has been retweeted a lot, until it finally reaches your timeline.

Open Network

Twitter users come from different backgrounds. And it’s not impossible that they are important for your career or related to company activities, you can easily meet them on Twitter. Then predictably, the network can start to be knitted here.

Share Your Ideas

Have a brilliant thought? Don’t just keep it in your heart. Well, it can also be said through your tweets. If it’s interesting, many people will retweet it. Well, if delivered in a global language, your tweets can be worldwide.

Reach a Global Audience

If we talk about the internet, of course, we can no longer think locally. Likewise, in the Twitter app, global net citizens can interact easily. This condition can certainly be used by companies that want to attract international customers. However, if you are a new user, it can be said that your scope is still minimal, at this time many are selling Twitter views services to make your account reach more, you can buy twitter views

With many views, you have advantages such as increasing popularity, more trusted accounts, and being able to exist in the world of Twitter.

Build a Personal Brand

Twitter provides a place for you to share photos, links to websites or blogs, and a space to generate ideas. This facility can at least be a starting point for creating your own personal brand in the digital world.

Customer Service

Want to get closer to your customers? Make a Twitter account, but don’t use a personal account name. Make it special to be your company’s customer service service.

But remember, don’t act like a robot who only fills followers with selling products. Because it could be considered a spam alias a source of ‘junk messages’.

Saying Goodbye

Of course, Twitter is not always used for serious purposes. It’s also very possible to vent or just vent here. As long as you don’t copy, it’s like Betawi vocabulary, because there are ethics that must be followed. Think before posting!

Market Reaction Test

One more function of Twitter for the company/business. They can take advantage of the masses on Twitter to do some small surveys.

For example, there is a clothing entrepreneur who wants to create a new product. Before mass-producing it, you can certainly ask for opinions from followers on Twitter on the clothing designs that have been prepared. I’m sure a lot of people will respond.

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. Twitter is utilized by a wide range of people, including presidents, artists, public celebrities, and the general population. For those of you who are new to Twitter or have only recently joined, here are some Twitter tips:

1. Understand how Retweets operate.

Retweets are a feature of Twitter that frequently causes the material to go viral. You can quickly distribute tweets by retweeting them. If you’re new to Twitter, you should know how to Retweet and what it does. Also covered is how to Retweet a quote and how it works. So that many reach your account you can buy Twitter retweets, there are several benefits if you buy Twitter retweets, one of which is you receive real Twitter retweets from real active users and real accounts.

2. Examine how users interact

As a new user, you may wish to observe how other Twitter users engage. You can learn to monitor the behavior and routines of others in this way. Observing how other people use Twitter will provide you with ideas for Twitter etiquette and what you can do with it.

3. Understand the purpose of hashtags

You must grasp what a hashtag (#) does when using Twitter app. Hashtags let users identify Tweets that fit a specific theme by categorizing them. When hashtags are used correctly, they can attract new followers and conversations. You may also examine what hashtags display in the search box to see what’s popular.

4. Tweet during active hours for your following.

When you post Tweets, keep in mind when your followers are most likely to be active. When your followers are active, it is more likely that they will respond to your postings. You might want to try Tweeting at different times to see when the Tweet receives the greatest engagement.

5. Participate in the Twitter chat

If you just connect with users who tweet seldom, your Twitter will appear deserted. As a result, it’s a good idea to participate in a few Twitter chats. Twitter can be a terrific method to communicate with other individuals who share your interests in real-time. Twitter also enables users to gain more followers and grow their network. So, don’t be scared to participate in the discussions that are capturing the public’s interest.

6. Determine whether the profile will be public or private.

Twitter gives users the option of editing their profiles to make them public or private. According to LifeWire, Twitter will be edited as a public profile by default. Users can, however, make it private so that only those who follow it can interact with it. To make a Twitter profile private, navigate to Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Security.

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