Take A Peek At 5 Interesting Hidden Gem Tours In Yogyakarta


Where to go in Yogyakarta?

Sometimes this interesting question arises when going on vacation to Yogyakarta, especially for those who want to go to new locations, aka hidden gems. This term has become popular since there are many interesting places to eat, cafes, and tourist attractions that have yet to be well known. So it is called a hidden gem.

In the Student City itself, several places are known as hidden gems, whether it’s restaurants, coffee shops, tourist attractions, or lodging. This time, we will discuss several Yogyakarta attractions which tourists rarely visit. Let’s start!

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Kalong Beach Yogyakarta

This beach is located in Jepitu Village, Gunungkidul. The view is different from other beaches because you will find high cliffs that are beautiful and, at the same time, dashing. Uniquely, on Kalong Beach, you can try to cross the beach to Kalong Island. How? Only with the cable car or suspension bridge. Suitable for those who like adrenaline because this is enough to make you nervous. Interested?

Geoforest Watu Payung Turunan

Do you like to enjoy sunrises and sunsets? At Geoforest Watu Payung Turunan, you can enjoy both. The location is still in Gunungkidul, in the Turunan Village, Girisuko. Previously, this place was a teak forest that grew on a ravine’s edge. Now it has been used as a tourist spot with many interesting photo spots. The ticket prices are low, so it’s suitable for you if you want an affordable tour in Yogyakarta.

Luweng Sampang Waterfall Yogyakarta

Still in Gunungkidul, one of the hidden gems that are no less unique is the Luweng Sampang Waterfall. Located in Sampang Village, this waterfall has a height of 5 meters with reliefs of limestone. Making it look similar to the Grand Canyon in America. This location looks very artsy, with horizontal strokes on the limestone cliffs if photographed from a certain angle.

Pengilon Hill

Want to travel to a hill that is untouched? Pengilon Hill can be an alternative tour. Its location is at the foot of Mount Batur and directly adjacent to the beach. From the top of the hill, you can see various beautiful beaches, such as Siung Beach, Wediombo Beach, Watu Lumbung Beach, and Banyunibo Beach. Here, you can camp while enjoying beautiful nature.

Srakung Beach

Ever heard the name of this beach? Srakung Beach is located in Pucung Village, Gunungkidul. As one of the hidden gems, this beach has an unspoiled beauty. So naturally, on Srakung Beach, you will find few facilities. Even the beach area is quite small, flanked by high cliffs. This tourist location is perfect for those who like tranquility and want to enjoy the sea without the hustle and bustle of the city. Want to spend the night here? Then you can camp on the Srakung Beachside.