Philippine political law

You will consider important theorists including Berlin Rawls, Nozick, Sandel, Okin and Pettit, examining the recent major theoretical perspectives in the context of contemporary politics. Legal Methods and Systems examines the sources of English law, and explains the processes and the role and functions of the institutions and personnel involved in the English legal system. The module provides a foundation of legal knowledge, and introduces you to legal reasoning, legal analysis and legal study skills which you can apply in your subsequent legal study. Criminal law provides the ideal vehicle to study both common law and legislation and develop an understanding of the relationship between law in Northern Ireland and the law in England and Wales.

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  • The MA in International Law, Ethics and Politics has been designed to allow in-depth analysis across multiple disciplines.
  • Please note 4-year bachelor degrees from the University of Botswana are considered equivalent to a Diploma of Higher Education.
  • You will work on your dissertation in year two; again, most of this work takes place in the summer term.

Classes will be scheduled between 9am-6pm and you will typically have two to four hours of teaching each week. You will work on your dissertation in year two; again, most of this work takes place in the summer term. Holders of a good bachelor degree with honours from a recognised university with a upper second class grade or higher will be considered for entry to taught postgraduate programmes. Public Law in Practice equips you with a good understanding of the process involved in bringing a claim for judicial review.

Public Law and the Human Rights Act

During this year, you will be introduced to the political process, political institutions, and political ideas, the English legal system, legal reasoning and legal analysis, and the principles that regulate legally binding agreements. Mootingis also advantageous as it provides you with a refined skillset and demonstrable experience that is valued by legal professionals. You will find that this practice provides an all round summary of the theory of law and its practical application. During your studies, you will learn how to research, read and analyse case and statute law.

This module provides students with introductory knowledge of property law in both Northern Ireland and England and Wales. The School aims to provide a broadly ‘socio-legal’ education, with specialist teaching from academics in a variety of fields and those from previous professional practice who can provide the invaluable ‘taste’ of law-in-action. The School includes the award-winning Ulster Law Clinic, the Legal Innovation Centre and the globally recognised Transitional Justice Institute. As part of your course induction, you will be provided with details of the organisation and management of the course, including attendance and assessment requirements – usually in the form of a timetable. For full-time courses, the precise timetable for each semester is not confirmed until near the start date and may be subject to change in the early weeks as all courses settle into their planned patterns.

Law and Politics LLB Hons summary information

The module also serves as an introduction to concepts and issues that are explored in greater depth in the LLM in Human Rights and Transitional Justice offered at the University of Ulster. The module will provide a basis for acquiring knowledge and understanding and developing analysis of the key concepts, problems and issues in the law of contract. The module will address the key features of contract law including formation of contract, contractual terms, exclusion and limitation clauses, vitiating factors, discharge of contract and remedies. This module covers basic legal principles and concepts, enabling students to understand the United Kingdom’s legal system, its structure and organisation. This module provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to study law.

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It will provide students with knowledge and understanding of the origins and development of international law and of its key concepts, principles and rules. The module will enable students to consider the relevance, or otherwise, of international law to contemporary international problems and to critically assess its limitations and effects. The Philosophy of Law module is designed for those who think they might be interested in philosophical reflection and enquiry into law. The module uses the tools of analytic philosophy in order to promote understanding and criticism of current and historical understandings of law and legal practice, and to promote students’ own critical, reflective understandings concerning these topics.