Keep Your Polite and Etiquette While on Vacation


Tourism- When on vacation. We often forget that there are moral and ethical values ​​that must be maintained where we vacation. Every environment or area must have customs and cultural values ​​that must be respected.

Every September 27, tourism lovers around the world commemorate World Tourism Day or World Tourism Day set by the World Tourism Organization or UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization). This momentum was held to encourage the development of tourism in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

There are many ways that can be done to encourage the development of tourism in Indonesia. One of them is by being an ethical local tourist and spreading kindness. There are several ways to maintain good manners and ethics while on vacation. So such as tips from YKAN (Natural Conservation Foundation of the Archipelago) in a written statement

YKAN holds a Sustainable Mission, which is a collaborative activity in an effort to preserve the earth. This activity is an effort to invite people to care about nature in daily activities that are educational and entertaining. How to?

Using Public Transportation

When traveling on vacation, try to use public transportation while at the destination. This certainly saves fuel and money. If all tourists use this method, can you imagine how friendly the environment is because it does not add to pollution? To know more about the business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

Obey Local Customs

As a tourist who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the holiday destination you are visiting, you should comply with written and unwritten rules. Complying with the applicable regulations in the area where you are traveling is an act that should be appreciated, because it has appreciated and respected the environment and local residents at the vacation spot.

Keep Clean

Try to bring your own shopping bags and don’t litter. To reduce the use of plastic bags, make it a habit to bring your own shopping bags. Choose a shopping bag that can be easily folded. In addition, make sure the trash you bring is disposed of in its proper place. Disposing of garbage in its place is the most basic thing and has been taught since childhood, although there are still very many who do not obey this rule

If the tourist place you are visiting does not have a trash can, you can temporarily store the garbage in a bag or clothes bag and it would be better if you separate the types of waste that are disposed of by type. Although it looks very simple, but it has a huge impact on the environment and natural preservation in a vacation spot.

Preserve Flora and Fauna

If the place visited is included in the category of natural tourism, do not damage the flora and fauna ecosystem in that place. This is very important to do when on vacation to natural attractions. Because, it’s not only you who are there, but there are also many wild animals and plants that live in the tourist environment.

Never destroy the habitats of other living things when you travel, be it disturbing animals or damaging existing plants. Appreciate and love them so that the holidays are more meaningful.

Friendly, Polite and Helping Locals

When on vacation try to always be polite and friendly with local residents. By applying this trait while on vacation, the locals will surely do the same as you do. Friendly attitude is not only addressed to others, but also to the surrounding environment. How we respect and protect the environment in which we travel, is a form of friendly attitude towards the environment. A friendly attitude towards the environment should not only be applied to the land environment where we live and settle, but it is also our responsibility to participate in preserving the marine ecosystem environment.

The sea is an important and inseparable part of Indonesian society. Ocean resources are the greatest strength of our country. Unfortunately, currently the preservation of marine ecosystems is under threat from various sides, therefore it is important to be friendly to the environment so that its sustainability is maintained for future generations. Don’t let our oceans be threatened, it’s time for us to take a role to protect it.

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