How To Organize Your Next Trip To Amsterdam


Amsterdam offers many attractions to visit, which means you will need to create a plan before you visit. The good news is you can do it all online, from planning a route of places to go to buy tickets. Places like the Moco Museum have a website where you can check the exhibits they have, and the dates to attend and they give you the option to buy tickets from their website. If you don’t know which places to see, go to the Tiqets website to find out what places are available. Besides purchasing Amsterdam museum tickets, you can also browse the opening hours of each place. Please note some facilities are only open to the public during specific times of the year. If you travel to Amsterdam without knowing this, you may run into closed establishments, and you will have missed the opportunity to visit them.

Technology Is On Your Side

Years ago, it was necessary to pay a tour guide to take you around the different places the city offers. Unfortunately, the problem with doing it this way was that you only saw the places the tour guide wanted you to see. Today, you can use technology to create a route of places you want to visit each day. Tools like Google Maps provide you with a three-dimensional view of the different buildings in the same area. This is useful because you can move from one building to another by walking, saving money on car rental and time. Once you create the route, go to each establishment’s website and check if you can buy tickets. If so, buy them to ensure you can enjoy the space on your preferred date and time.

Follow Other People’s Advice

Websites such as Tiqets, IAmsterdam, and Trip Advisor have a comments section where people who have already visited particular places post their experiences. It’s helpful to read what other people must say so you don’t make the same mistakes. You also ensure you know how safe each area of the city you want to visit is. Even in developed cities like Amsterdam, you might run into someone intending to rob you. It is common for “friendly” people to come up to you and offer you free cookies, which, once you eat them, make you lose consciousness. When you wake up again, you discover that they have robbed you. Finally, know the laws of the country. For example, you can go to jail if the police catch you urinating on the street.

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