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Pepper was once very common as a seasoning for sweets. Nutmeg has commonly replaced pepper in desserts and sweet cookery, but nutmeg was practically unknown to the classical Greeks and Romans. The recipe from Athenaeus is sketchy and difficult to interpret.

The recipes of J Cooking Odyssey are tried, tasted, and enjoyed by our family and our reader family too. The juicy and crispy chicken thighs, and the tender artichokes artichokes make this delicious one-pot meal a must in the springtime. Use this recipe for an easy BBQ chicken dish and you’ll never be short of guests for sure. Adding roasted beetroot to this tart not only gives a delicate sweetness to the dish, but also injects a beautiful dash of colour to the table.

This twist on a shepherds pie has a deliciously addictive crispy and cheesy Hasselback topping. Serve with steamed greens and you’ve got yourself a winning dinner. If you’ve got a well stocked cupboard, you should have all these ingredients already in stock.

Even if you’re not the biggest fishy fan, we’ve got some great takes on fish dishes in our collection for you to try. All our recipes have been checked and approved by a specialist team of dietitians, so you’ll always know what’s in your food. This one-bowl rhubarb muffin recipe is made with oats, your choice of flour, optional seeds and nuts and sweetened with honey. This pastry is really decadent and flaky and well worth making yourself. This kale sauce is simple to make but packs a strong punch of flavour and nutrients. Top it with whipped ricotta, lemon zest and black pepper.

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A piece of shortbread could be the best accompaniment. The AGA is perfect for cooking Britain’s favourite dish and it’s easier than you might think – we were utterly staggered at how easy it is to make beer batter. Many thanks to Laura James for sharing this great recipe with us. ‘Ande ki Bhurji’ or ‘Spicy Scrambled Eggs’ is a quick street food snack that is also eaten at breakfast. The spice of green chillies, the sweetness of onions and the tang of tomatoes along with the creaminess of eggs is a perfect dish to eat with buttered toast or a roll.

  • This traditional roast turkey is excellent for Christmas Day.
  • Asparagus is low in calories and is very low in sodium.
  • Collection 26 Great School Food School food’s improved dramatically in recent years and now school meals help children eat better and do better.
  • If using frozen prawns, ensure that they are well defrosted and drained.
  • At the same time, soak the fresh or dried dates in a little red wine.

Phil heads off to explore the island, known as the ‘spice isle’, before cooking up pork medallions with rum, cream and nutmeg sauce. This book is what I was looking for after getting a very good steamer from Tefal. The recipes are a easy to follow and only for 2 people. However, they are easy to double up should you find it necessary. Sorry but I didn’t find anything in this book that I wanted to try.

Phil Vickery’s Summer Mille Feuille

What better way to end the week than with a traditional Sunday roast. Bring your family together and share this wonderful home cooked delight. Recipe by AGA Rangemaster Group Home Economist Alexandra Dibble. A delicious dish for entertaining friends and all the more easy as it is made and cooked all in one dish. Many thanks to AGA Specialist Dawn Roads for this excellent recipe.

These healthy bean burgers can be made using cans from the storecupboard. A quick supper recipe which can be adapted, depending on what you have in the fridge. Eat well with this simple grilled salmon recipe courtesy of AGA Rangemaster Group Economist Alexandra Dibble. An easy but indulgent dessert, ideal in autumn when British pears are at their peak. AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell’s Black Forest Meringue Pavlova is easy to make and impressive to serve…

Juliet’s Cherry Bakewell Cake

For the perfect Christmas dinner follow AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako’s guide to the ultimate roast turkey using your Rayburn cooker. These grilled red pepper and cream cheese parcels can be made in advance, perfect for when you are entertaining and want to save time. Suitable for plant-based diets using the coconut milk and coconut cream alternatives, and replacing the chicken with extra chickpeas or spiced cauliflower. We’ve used plant-based ingredients here for vegan baking. It’s so delicious and moist, you really wouldn’t know the difference!