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A flexible flight payment plan is an alternative way to transact airline tickets. You have the option to finance your airline tickets with a loan to back in monthly instalments or to pay every 2 weeks over 6 weeks instead of paying in one full transaction. Each flight payment plan accepted by Alternative Airlines is different to use depending on the currency and country you are in. However they all require an application which are quick and easy to process.

  • This is also known as buying flights on layaway and can be done on airline tickets including British Airways, Southwest and many more when booking online with Alternative Airlines.
  • Flight details and payment must be received no later than final payment.
  • Land-only holiday clients who make their own air arrangements on regularly scheduled direct or nonstop flights into terminals may purchase our airport transfer service.

Airport transfers for US and Canada tours will not be included and are not available for purchase. Being one of the top online travel aggregators, Airfare & Tickets ensure passengers can travel anywhere & anytime without compromising their fortune. Flexible flight change and cancelation options at Airfare & Tickets will keep your travel worries at bay. Our mission is to help travelers discover the globe at real value without negotiating their leisure. We provide complete information on flight booking to our customers, ensuring they are well-prepared to travel desired destinations. Search for either domestic or international flights, either one way or return to where you want to go in the world.

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Monthly payment plans are accepted with the travel website Alternative Airlines. They can be used when searching and booking for domestic, international flights or multi-city trips and pay the ticket prices back in monthly instalments. Different airline ticket payment plan options to choose from can be processed quickly when making your reservation online. So you have access to destinations around the world with the chance of paying on layaway.

So you can book your entire itinerary with us, no matter where you want to go. You can set preferred departure and arrival times on whichever airline you wish to fly with. For even better pricing, try our flexible search dates to see all the options. N the past two weeks, air travellers have been struggling to adjust to a major hike in the price of tickets introduced by domestic airline operators.

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Nothing starts a summer trip off better than a discount on your flights. Enjoy a tropical island getaway or explore big cities like Tokyo and Singapore. Already, findings show that logistics companies operating at domestic airports have been forced to increase their charges per kilogramme because of the recent hike in airfares.

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You can even swim at Dubai International Airport or use the gym, sauna or jacuzzi. If you’re feeling tired between your flights then see if your airport has a napping room that you can hire for a few hours to get some rest before your next flight. You usually either fly from west to east or east to west, and the amount of stops varies depending on the ticket and the airlines. Some fares are based on mileage flown and also include overland known as surface sectors. Prices vary from less than $1600 to over $3000, and the more stops you have the more expensive the ticket. You can take advantage of these gateway points by using their hubs as a stopover and a chance to see the city.