5 Best Indonesian Restaurants You Must Try


Cuisine Indonesia offers a unique taste that makes it different from the signature cuisine of other countries. Great spices and intense flavors are the characteristics that we often encounter in Indonesian cuisine.

Nowadays, Indonesian cuisine is not only in demand by its citizens but also among many foreigners. To enjoy a variety of delicious Indonesian dishes, you can visit some of Indonesia’s best restaurants.

5 Best Indonesian Restaurants You Must Try

1. Merah Putih Restaurant – Bali

This restaurant in Badung, Bali, has a name inspired by the Indonesian flag’s colors, red and white. The variety of dishes served are also signatures of Indonesia, such as fried duck with mango sauce, jejeruk quail chicken, stuffed tofu, jangkang, to pecel lidah.

All dishes have a delicious taste that will never disappoint. You can choose a menu served individually or shared, so it is also suitable as a meeting place for several events.

2. Little Bird Food Stall – Bali

Although it seems simple, this restaurant in Denpasar, Bali, is included in the list of the best restaurants in Indonesia. You will agree with this opinion because the dishes served will make anyone addicted.

Some of the menus you can taste include chicken fried rice, shrimp fried rice, grilled chicken, veggie fried noodles, soy sauce chicken, Gado-Gado, and many other delicious menus.

3. Bambu Restaurant – Bali

Who doesn’t know about Bambu Restaurant? This restaurant in Badung Bali serves classic Indonesian food but is still refreshing. Especially with the classic feel of the restaurant building, which makes the atmosphere more perfect.

Here, you can find many Indonesian specialties, such as jukut gedang mekuah, grilled chicken with sweet soy sauce, young jackfruit curry, dangkot duck, buluh cooked fish, corn perkedel, stir-fried ferns, and many more.

4. Kesuma Restaurant – Yogyakarta

It’s not complete visiting Yogyakarta without tasting Indonesian specialties at Kesuma Restaurant. This place to eat is kept simple because it wants to display a classic, comfortable and suitable impression with the home cooking menu. This place offers a variety of Indonesian dishes, such as fish, soup, spare ribs, soto, fried chicken, fried rice, rendang, curry, and others.

5. Apple Food Stall – Bali

This restaurant in Buleleng Bali also serves a variety of Indonesian specialties that are no less delicious, such as mixed rice, seafood, chicken, and so on. Although already famous, this restaurant still provides affordable prices for visitors.

The restaurant above serves every dish with a distinctive Indonesian taste, so you will be addicted once you try it. Be sure to taste more of the signature dishes served at the best Indonesian Restaurant.

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