4 Recommended Resorts with the Best Ocean View


The beautiful view of the beach will spoil your eyes as you’re laying down on the beach. Those who often spend vacation time on the beach will need a scenery like this. Especially if you rent resort facilities, who offer this access to the beach.

If you want to enjoy the view right through your window, then the following places are very suitable to be used as a place to stay on the beach. You don’t need to go abroad, because you can find resort facilities in Indonesia.

4 Resorts with the Best Ocean View

1. Misool Eco Resort (Raja Ampat)

The first resort is in Raja Ampat resort, called Misool Eco Resort. The sea right in front of the resort will provide a beautiful ocean view throughout the day. You can also immediately enjoy the underwater beauty by staying overnight at this resort.

Diving lovers will be amazed by the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat that you can enjoy at this resort. The underwater panorama of the Raja Ampat coral reef will be visible when diving on the shores of the Raja Ampat coast.

2. Sudamala Seraya Resort (Labuan Bajo)

Still, in Eastern Indonesia, Labuan Bajo has a resort facility with a beautiful panorama of the ocean, Sudamala Seraya Resort. Each of the rooms provides the view overlooking the beach which is very suitable for sunset lovers.

Then, around this resort also provides BBQ services for those who want to hold a BBQ party with friends, family or friends. Therefore, it would be very fitting to have a small party while enjoying a vacation at the beach.

3. Montigo Resort Nangsa (Batam)

Next is one of the resorts developed in the western part of Indonesia, Montigo Resort Nangsa, located in Batam, Riau Islands. Although Batam is famous for its shopping centers, Batam also has resort facilities with beautiful views.

This resort offers three views: sea, beach and incredible mountain views. Other facilities that are also available at this resort are the infinity pool in each villa which You can use alone or with the closest people.

4. Alila Villas Uluwatu (Bali)

This location must have been very famous because of the beauty of the beach and sea, it’s in Bali. Bali has a resort called Alila Villas Uluwatu, located in Uluwatu, Bali. The location of this villa and resort is at an altitude of 100 meters, directly overlooking the Indian Ocean. Therefore, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the beach and ocean directly from the villa. Also, each villa has a swimming pool, so that you can use it privately.

So, what are you waiting for? Can’t wait to go on vacation soon? Enjoy the various resorts above when visiting these locations. Make sure to prepare everything, so your vacation is smooth and more enjoyable.

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