Loan Configuration

Based on this, you have used credit for your needs, but you may not be able to pay your loan installments in the future due to lower income or different reasons. In such a case, you may want to have a credit structuring both in order to keep your record intact and to pay your payments more easily under a different plan.

In this regard, you can take advantage of the Lilly Finance loan structure, which offers its customers highly flexible terms.

Updating a loan product that a consumer using credit for their cash needs continues to pay their installments with new interest rates in the same bank or a different institution is called credit structuring.

The configuration service is also offered by Lilly Finance to its customers. A loan product that has been withdrawn from Lilly Finance a certain time ago can be structured at current interest rates.

At the same time, Lilly Finance accepts the loan debt transfer from other banks and keeps the interest rates and payment terms very flexible in its configuration option.

How to Configure Lilly Finance Loan?


The first thing for those who wish to benefit from Lilly Finance’s credit restructuring service is to apply to the nearest bank branch.

You can go to any branch of the bank since the transaction can be done easily from all Lilly Finance branches. When you go to the branch, you should apply personally, saying that you want to restructure your existing Lilly Finance loan debt or that you want to transfer your loan at bank X.

If the Bank approves this request, if it approves it, your old debt or existing debt to the other bank will be closed and a new contract will be issued with the current interest rates. If you declare your acceptance of the new terms of this agreement, your Lilly Finance credit structuring process will be completed.

Lilly Finance Consumer Loan Configuration


You have used a consumer loan from bank X, but you want your debt to be moved to Lilly Finance and restructured.

In such a case , you can take advantage of the opportunity loan restructuring in Lilly Finance. You can apply to the branches in person to benefit from the structuring service provided by the Bank under individual loans.

Lilly Finance Vehicle Loan Configuration

Good Finance Vehicle Loan Configuration

Thanks to the Lilly Finance vehicle loan configuration, you can calculate the vehicle loan that you have used a certain time ago according to the current interest rates. This service is offered to customers who meet the required conditions and accept new interest rates.

Especially those who want to extend the term according to the income-expense situation and to decrease the amount of the installment can benefit from this service.

The most important detail for this is that there is no transfer process that is less consistent than the amount to be displayed on the Lilly Finance branch screen.

You can obtain information from the authorities or the bank’s customer service before requesting a Lilly Finance auto loan configuration .

Lilly Finance Housing Loan Configuration

Good Finance Housing Loan Configuration

Lilly Finance can help you if you want to build a mortgage loan to reduce your existing mortgage costs, take advantage of low interest rates, or reduce your loan installments by refinancing.

Moreover, you can request the transfer of the loan that you have taken from one of the other banks, not only the housing loan you used from Lilly Finance.

However, in order for you, as a consumer, to take advantage of this configuration, the interest rates of the bank’s new contract should be more appropriate than the interest rate on the loan product used before.

As a result, due to the high number of maturities that can be made in mortgage products, the fact that the interest rate is exorbitantly high will lead to a disadvantageous configuration yapılandır

Lilly Finance 72 Months Loan Configuration

By taking advantage of the Lilly Finance 72-month loan restructuring scheme, you may have the opportunity to borrow at a rate lower than the current loan interest rate.

Or, you can reduce the amount of your installment and have more convenient payment terms by moving the loan to the maximum amount again.

It is possible for you to apply for a 72-month loan restructuring for both Lilly Finance . Only Lilly Finance will accept your application for the installment.

You can then take advantage of this opportunity by handing over the necessary documents for the configuration to the branch authorities and signing the new contract for 72 months .

Lilly Finance Does Not Configure Credit

As mentioned above, for the realization of the installment, only the Lilly Finance 72 months configuration application is accepted by the bank.

For this reason, consumers who ignore this detail complain that Lilly Finance is not doing credit restructuring . However, there is no information about the necessity of the bank to restructure among the issues of the regulation approved in September 2016.

Therefore, it is not possible for consumers who complain about the situation to impose any sanctions against the bank that does not accept the application for restructuring…